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I'm trying to wear my tribute again with my old outfit.. I love love love love this shoes.. Though actually I really want to buy Lita shoes by Jeffery Champbel, but I kinda don't like to buy shoes from the internet (online shopping). Especially shoes.. Because I had a bad experience about that and also I really scare if the shoes doesn't fit me..
So, when I heard that JuiceString join a bazaar at FX, I extremely excited and went there last Sunday.. And I just bought the tribute that really similar with Lita.. And I hope it long last...LOL^^

 The tribute is really work with my floral skirt.. <3

This is several of my rings collection.. (Sorry for the blurry T_T )  I plan to sell these rings online.. 
How do you guys think?? I will sell these rings as cheap as you can find.. ( I'm hoping^^)

 And for make up, I only applied BBcream +  powder + eyebrow + eyeliner + fake lashes + blush on + (for lip) tomato cool jelly tint from skinfood..
The tint color is natural and light.. I like tint most ^^

Love this hairstyle^^

Do you guys like my hair style??? Its quite easy and you just only need a little practice for the braid.. ^^
You can go to school or just hang out with your friends with this style... 
I watched the tutorial on youtube by Bubzbeauty.. I love her tutorial about hair and make up.. Its easy to follow and somehow I just like the way she talk and she has a cute voice.. LOL^^
You guys have to check out her video.. Really recommended =D

Black knitted sweater - unbranded
Floral skirt - RYU-MIU
Black tribute shoes - JuiceString


One day in the afternoon

Introducing my new Black Tribute Shoes from Juice String...^^

Quite comfortable and the price is reasonable..


Nice thing from my blouse is its look like I'm wearing 'cong sam' (dunno how to spell it right) from back..
'Cong sam' is one of chinese traditional dress.. =3

Blouse - Avenue
Short - Unbranded
Shoes - Black Tribute from Juice string


The Tempter

I love stiletto because it makes my legs look longer LOL^^

And again.. I use cropped shirt as a top on my LBD (little black dress).. I kinda like that kind of style.. Makes me look slimmer.. Hahaha.. :p 

Skull Cropped shirt - ThankGodItsFashion
LBD - Unbranded
Floral stiletto - Forever21

Skull vs Floral.. Not bad, huh??? I tried to mix and match my outfit randomly.. And I found if the floral stiletto looks sexy with my skull cropped shirt..
Try to experiment with your outfit and maybe you can find something cool that can make those eyes can't stop looking at you... hahahaha... =3


Red Head

 Don't throw away your old shirt!! You can always be creative by experiment with your old shirt. This is my DIY black cropped shirt.. Check it out how can I do with with my old shirts.

When I tried to clean my messy closet, I found this old black shirt.. and when I was want to throw it, across in my mind, why don't I use this to make a cropped shirt.. It's been happening lately and I like cropped shirt..
So i just measure it and cut it spontaneously..

I wore this DIY cropped shirt as a top for my bodycon dress.. Nice huh?? And don't forget with the accessories.. Makes your look more stunning and it has a big impact to your appearance... Try it!!
Ouhhh... and RedHat will make you the center of attention...

Top - DIY black cropped shirt
Bottom - Bodycon dress
Heels - Charles & Keith Signature

Ps: I got my C&K heels for only IDR129.000 from around IDR600.000 ;p    I think they still have it but its limited =3

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White Chocolate

  If you confused what should you wear on your first date and you want to impress your BF but you don't want to look to much effort for the date, but again you want to impress him and get his attention all over the day.. Well, this look is just right for you..

A simple white top with a warm brown highwaist bottom can make you look chic, stylish and romantic at the same time.. You can choose whether you want to wear stiletto , wedges, or flat shoes to make your feet more comfortable.
Me? I choose wedges to look more slimmer and still comfortable LOL^^

 A simple bun makes you cuter and chic^^
For make up, I just did a really simple basic make up..
Steps for your daily make up:
-BB cream
-Blush on
-Lip balm

That's it!!!

Top - J Rep
Bottom - Unbranded
Wedges - Charles & Keith
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My first blog

This is my first blog.. still confuse how to run it..

I'm Anas.. trying to be a fashion blogger.. hope you guys like it and inspired by it..
I will try to give you advice from hair, make up, and fashion of course ^^
I'll do my best and feel free to leave your comment...
-cheers.. =3