I'm BACK!!!

After disappear from this world for an age, I finally came back to post some great picture.. hope you guys like it..

These picture was taken by my friend Angle Cicilia.. She is so kind and talented photographer.. You can check out her photos... Just simply click here and you will bounce to her facebook!!!
These are pictures that I promised you guys on my previous post. ;D

Love my outfit????

Isn't my nose a bit weird?? --'

Love the colors ^^

I think this one is Angle's favorite...

And this one mine.. hehehe^^

I should more smile and laugh in these pictures since I was playing something (dunno what its called).. ^^

Isn't my shoes like a bow or something?? haha..^^

 I just simply curl my hair with my flat iron, natural make up, black blazer, floral top, brown highwaist short, and my favorite 21 forever shoes..

Please let me know you thought by write your comment below.. Thank you guys.. Love ya!!!! XoXo