Red Head

 Don't throw away your old shirt!! You can always be creative by experiment with your old shirt. This is my DIY black cropped shirt.. Check it out how can I do with with my old shirts.

When I tried to clean my messy closet, I found this old black shirt.. and when I was want to throw it, across in my mind, why don't I use this to make a cropped shirt.. It's been happening lately and I like cropped shirt..
So i just measure it and cut it spontaneously..

I wore this DIY cropped shirt as a top for my bodycon dress.. Nice huh?? And don't forget with the accessories.. Makes your look more stunning and it has a big impact to your appearance... Try it!!
Ouhhh... and RedHat will make you the center of attention...

Top - DIY black cropped shirt
Bottom - Bodycon dress
Heels - Charles & Keith Signature

Ps: I got my C&K heels for only IDR129.000 from around IDR600.000 ;p    I think they still have it but its limited =3