Busy Bee!!

Errrrrr... I haven't post any picture since ... hmmm... well quite a long time ago.. its because I was super duper busy with my thesis that hasn't been completed until now.. (sigh... --' )
I'm sorry guys.. And this is just my random pictures from what I've been doing lately..

This is my activity lately... I was soooo busy... Beside I had to work on my thesis I also have to raise funds for the event management.. One of my courses at collage..

So.. me and my team were selling flowers and chocolate for valentines day...
Hany and me

Anna and Niku
Hot tom yum before start selling flowers....

 These are imported roses from Vietnam and will last for a week...

We were selling flower like crazy.. just 4 of us and its raining.. do you guys believe..
We only sold 4 flowers that night.. Awful.. T_T

My poor friends.. They were waiting outside to get permission to selling flowers there...

We were selling flower per piece or hand bouquet and offered delivery service.. Soooo tired... 

Well.. I love pink roses most.. so pretty.. 

Anna's room

We also made valentine's chocolate... Busy.. busy.. busy... (Super messy room ^^)

So.. we made it.. those chocolates sold out, we delivered all the flowers (even though until 12pm in the midnight  --')
We made profit after worked hard these past weeks that unfortunately the profit are not for us but for our class... fiuhhhh..

And after all my busy day I had a photo shoot with some friends..  Its really a fun photo shoot..
I will show you the result later.. I have to wait too.. my friends still working on it.. ^^


 After done with the photo shoot, we were bouncing to Taman Anggrek to have dinner... ^^

Cheerful mia

And this is some pictures was taken a day after photo shoot, I went to a wedding party..

Niko, cia", hendi, me^^, tin", doni, david


At the wedding party, I just wore a simple black lace dress that I got from www.chocochipsboutique.com and my floral shoes from forever21...

And the last thing that I want to tell you guys that I already selling various of fashion ring..  Check it out..

I tried to take a good pic but everything was clear but my hand.. --'

Everything here are imported from Korea and Hongkong and extremely cheap.. All price are in IDR and only for Indonesia buyers at the moment.. Start from IDR10.000

The prices are on the picture.. (exp: 25k = IDR25.000)
Minimum purchase IDR50.000

And I will add more hot rings.. Be ready girls..
Kindly add my pin 290749FF
or contact my e-mail jazzyfink@gmail.com


  1. Gorgeous jewelry! ANd you are all looking fabulous! I am following you back!
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  2. good luck for your thesis dear.. hope it will run well.
    one of your friend (nana) looks similar to Momo Geisha btw. hihi. :p
    those ring are awesome, and the price is really interesting. thanks for sharing.

    And ah ya, I just started my scrapbook business, dear.. Take a look the catalog on my blog and order it if you're interested. :)


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  4. I LOOOOOVE the rings!! And the outfit with the high waisted shorts and blazer is soooo pretty!! <3

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  6. Great pics!!!! Awesome rings!!
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  8. Damn, I want the robot-faced ring, actually. But I'm in Oz :( Where did u buy those?

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  11. wow great jewlery! Love it all!
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  12. awesome rings! you made so many chocolates dear, it looks yummy ;D those flowers are so lovely. you look pretty in that black dress when you attended a wedding <3


  13. Well lebih baik sibuk kan drpd bingung mau ngapain? hahahaha good luck for your thesis yaaaa, semangaaaaat! :D

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